Pediatric Sedation


Advancing Pediatric Sedation for Safe and Effective Emergency Care


Promoting excellence in pediatric sedation through education, guidelines, and research

Understanding Pediatric Sedation

Pediatric sedation is a crucial aspect of emergency medicine. Its primary aim is to induce
relaxation, alleviate anxiety, and manage pain during various medical procedures. Its
historical roots date back to ancient civilizations, like the use of opium by Greek physicians
for pain relief. In modern medicine, sedation techniques have evolved, offering a range of
options with distinct pros and cons. Pediatric emergency professionals recognize its vital role
and are committed to delivering top-quality care to young patients.


Safely transition patients post-sedation


Facilitate safe procedure completion


Control anxiety, minimize trauma, and promote amnesia


Minimize physical discomfort and pain


Ensure patient safety

Guidelines and clinical pathways

Access evidence-based guidelines and clinical pathways for safe and effective sedation in pediatric emergency medicine. Enhance patient safety, streamline practices, and deliver exceptional care.

Local Data

Sedation Mapping Survey 2023 – including all pediatric emergency units [embedded or
reproduced document]


Adverse events – online report form

Downloadable consent forms, timeout, and sedation forms


Society for Pediatric Sedation (SPS) 

The SPS is a professional organization dedicated to promoting safe and effective sedation practices in pediatrics. Their website offers educational resources,  guidelines, research articles, and a directory of pediatric sedation providers.

Visit their website at:

Sedation Certification and Continuing Education

This website offers comprehensive online certification and continuing education courses for  healthcare professionals involved in pediatric sedation. They provide courses on sedation  safety, pharmacology, monitoring, and  management of sedation-related complications.

Learn more at:


Ketamine Sedation in Children

Conferences, courses, and training

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