Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) is a subspecialty of Pediatrics which focuses on the care of acutely ill or injured children in the emergency department setting. This subspecialty was established in Israel in 2003, along with the Israeli Society of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, as a division of the Israeli Association of Emergency Medicine (IAEM).


• Promote PEM in Israel by providing the infrastructure for the advancement of multiple domains including research, and education.
• Promote high-quality educational and training sessions for PEM fellows and beyond via academic meetings and conferences.
• Maintain a strong organizational structure for physicians working in the field of PEM in Israel.
• Establish relationships with organizations involved in PEM practice and research outside of Israel.

Clinical Excellence




Israeli Society of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Leadership (Elections: September 2022)

Chair: Dr. Ayelet Rimon, MD

Deputy Chair: Dr. Gilad Chen, MD

Society Secretary: Dr. Ron Jacobb, MD

Treasurer: Dr. Giora Weiser, MD

Examination Committee

Chair: Dr. Ayelet Rimon, MD

Deputy Chairs Part A: Dr. Ayelet Rimon, MD;  Dr. Michael Benackon, MD; Dr. Gal Altberg, MD

Deputy Chairs Part B: Dr. Oren Feldman, MD; Dr. Udi Rosenbloom, MD; Dr. Gilad Chen, MD